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Hill-Top for Saint Luke's

We cater to the unique financial planning and investment management needs of Saint Luke's Health System employees.


We take into account all the pieces of your financial puzzle to build a comprehensive plan. With a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, we help you maximize your wealth potential.


Being independent, our only allegiance is to you. No commissions or self dealing financial products being pushed here. Flat-Fee Financial Planning is what we do.



Only 25% of all financial advisors in the industry hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification.* We take a fiduciary oath to always act in your best interest.

WHY Saint Luke's Employees?

Because you are the heroes in healthcare, and I'm passionate about your financial wellness. Why? Because your selfless acts of compassion and serving patients, despite having challenges of your own:


Paying Off Loans

Growing a Family

Developing a Career

Buying a House

Saving for Retirement

Saving for College

Planning for Financial Independence

With all these moving pieces and priorities, it can get filed away for another day. Unfortunately, “another day” can creep up on you and become “today”, causing you time, money and stress. By working with a CFP® professional to build your financial plan, you’re able to take actionable, bite size steps towards improving your financial picture so you’re ready when “another day” comes. You can live the life you want, and build the future of your dreams, but it all starts with a plan.


Why are you the expert?

My family is engrained in Saint Luke’s Health System. My wife has worked for the organization for nearly 10 years, and both of my sons attend the Saint Luke’s Child Care Center. In addition, I have several family members that work for or are associated with Saint Luke’s in some capacity. With all that, I have years of first hand experience dealing with Saint Luke’s benefits, and how to properly plan around them. 

Are you endorsed by or affiliated with Saint Luke’s Health System?

We do not claim to be endorsed by Saint Luke’s or have any partnership or affiliation agreement. Our only affiliation with Saint Luke’s is that it’s part of our family DNA. At Hill-Top, we’re an Independent financial planning firm that wants to serve our extended Saint Luke’s family, and we have the first hand experience to do that.

What if I leave Saint Luke’s?

No problem! Because we’re independent and have no contractual obligation to Saint Luke’s, we can go with you. We think Saint Luke’s is a great place to call home, but we want what is best for you! As a fiduciary advisor, your best interest is our only interest.

What about confidentiality?

We might promote that we work with Saint Luke’s employees, but that’s where it stops. Your employer and co-workers will never know you’re working with us unless you tell them. That’s because confidentiality is paramount to building trust in our business. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional I have a duty to confidentiality and must keep your personal information confidential. It’s kinda like HIPPA for financial advisors.

What are your fees?

We utilize a flat-fee subscription model for financial planning services. It’s like Netflix for your personal finances. We agree to the fee upfront, and it doesn’t change unless we mutually agree to it. No Surprises.  


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