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Analysing the Numbers

Investment Management Designed Specifically for You

Investments are part of the financial plan that help you

get to your financial peak.


Investing is part of the process of becoming financially confident, and independent.


Some prefer to do-it-yourself, and we fully support that decision.


For others that may not be as comfortable managing their own investments, and would like for a professional to handle it, we've got your back! 


Either way, we are here to help and have an option that suits your preference.

Hill-Top's Investing Approach 

Our goal is to build you a solid portfolio, that is diversified and minimize fees.

We assess what you're comfortable with, and what you need to reach your goals.

We want you to know what you're investing in. 


We'll work with you so that you understand what you're investing your hard earned dollars into.


Not putting all your money 

in one investment

Low Cost

Tax Efficiency and 

Minimizing fees  


A comfortable plan so

you can sleep at night 


Know and Understand

what we're doing

Our Pledge to you

While we can't guarantee investment returns, we do promise to:

Make sure you understand what you're investing in and why

(The more you know, the more comfortable you'll be.)

Be honest, and transparent

(We want this to be a lasting relationship, and it starts with building Trust.)

Keep an open line of communication, even in the rough times

(When the market goes down, our out of office reply doesn't go on.)

Kyle Hill, CFP®

I, Kyle Hill, CFP®, promise to uphold this pledge to clients of Hill-Top Financial Planning, LLC.

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