The fees associated with how financial advisors are compensated can be complicated and confusing to understand. They might even have you believing you don’t pay them anything. 

What are the Fees?

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before:

"There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

With most advisors you will either pay a commission or a percentage of your investments.


These fees can seem hidden if you don’t know what you’re looking for or understand what that means


But now there is a transparent third option:


 monthly fee for service.



The Hill-Top Fee Model:

At Hill-Top we utilize a monthly fee model.


Subscription model, monthly retainer model, call it whatever you want, but it’s basically like a Netflix subscription for your personal finances.


With our fee model, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for our services.


There are no hidden fees.


As a FEE-ONLY firm, we only get paid by our clients, so no kickbacks or commissions from third parties. That means NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST.


You are our only interest! 

One Time Engagement 

Three Meetings - Discover Meeting, Goals & Data Meeting, Presentation Meeting

Comprehensive Financial Plan

One Page Financial Plan w/ recommendations

Planning Option Pricing:

Our pricing is designed for greater access to independent financial advice for young professionals, in the starting out and accumulation phases of life.


Starts at $500: Ranges from $500 and up

Determined before we sign agreement: You'll know the cost at the beginning, not the end.

Starter Plan: For DIY-er that's just getting started or is still pretty new, financially speaking. 

Typically, 20's - early 30's

  • Recent College Grads 

  • Beginning Young Professionals


Starts at $75 per month. Singles start at $75 per month. Couples start at $100 per month.

Determined before we sign agreement: You'll know the cost at the beginning, not the end.

Upfront $250 engagement fee

Tune-up Plan: For DIY-er that's more established, but has done limited financial planning.


Typically, mid 30's - 40's

  • Mid Career Professionals

  • Young Families

Guided Plus

Includes Investment Management Services

Starts at $88 per month. Singles start at $88 per month. Couples start at $113 per month.

Determined before we sign agreement: You'll know the cost at the beginning, not the end.

Upfront $250 engagement fee

Starting at:


Starting at:


Starting at:


*Pricing is based on complexity of your planning circumstance, as determined by advisor, prior to signing a planning agreement. Ongoing engagements require an up front fee of $250 to engage planning services. 

We understand, some people want their advisor to manage their investments.

While we typically don't offer investment management as a stand alone service, we do offer it as a part of the Guided Plus planning option.


Investment Management Pricing

For Investment Management we utilize an Assets Under Management (or AUM) model.


Planning Fee + AUM = Total Fee

Account Value


Annual AUM Rate**


$0 - $50,000

$50,001 - $250,000

$250,001 - $500,000

$500,001 - $1,000,000

Over $1,000,000

Minimum $150 Annually 





**AUM rates are on an annual basis.

How does this work? 

(Example with our minimums)

Sample Month

Planning fee $75 


AMU Fee $13 ($150 annual min. ÷ 12)

Total Fee $88 


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