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Hill-Top was started to provide honest, high-quality financial advice to young professionals and families, so they can develop financial confidence and become financially independent.
- Kyle Hill, CFP® & founder of Hill-Top Financial Planning, LLC
Kyle Hill, CFP®

Hi, I’m Kyle Hill.

I’m the Founder, and Owner of Hill-Top Financial Planning, LLC.​


As a fiduciary and fee-only advisor, I am passionate about working with young professionals and families (20’s to 40’s) who want to live a debt-free life, and reach their financial goals, so they can leave a legacy to be proud of for future generations.

Who does Hill-Top serve?

Hill-Top Financial Planning, LLC ("HTFP"), was developed to serve younger clients (20's-40's), who are generally debt-free (or working to become debt-free), and are looking to build wealth so that they may live a great life and leave a lasting legacy.

"Live like no one else, so later you can live and give like no one else." 

- Dave Ramsey

Hill-Top Serve

More About Kyle

Growing up I had always dreamed of owning my own business. I was first inspired by my grandparents who owned an insurance business in a small Kansas town. 

I grew up in Manhattan, Kansas and attended Kansas State University where I studied Business Administration and Leadership Studies.  Upon graduation I moved to Kansas City and married my college sweetheart.  I decided to enter the banking industry because I wanted to help people achieve financial life milestones.  The bank I worked at was located in a disadvantaged neighborhood with high rates of poverty.  It was this job that reinforced lessons I had been taught early in life on empathy, compassion, and the importance of financial independence. 

After gaining new perspectives in banking, I joined a wealth management firm where I spent six years in the investment world.  It was at this time that my wife and I went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, a class that forever changed my perspective on personal finance and altered my life trajectory.  I went on to earn a Master of Science in Finance and the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) certification.

When completing my studies I remember thinking to myself, “Why isn’t anyone working with my generation?”.  I was routinely told that it could not be done because young people lacked the amount of investable assets needed to be desirable clients.  In other words, most financial advisors considered working with young people a waste of their time.  This narrative continued to weigh on my mind until I discovered XY Planning Network (XYPN), a network for financial planners catering to younger clients in an objective, fee-only capacity.  I have since become a member of XYPN to define my vision of helping younger generations develop a plan to succeed financially so that they may live a great life and do good in the world.

I continue to call Kansas City home with my wife, our two young sons, and our two dogs. When I am not drawing up financial plans for clients, I enjoy attempting to keep up with my young boys, cheering on the K-State Wildcats, the Kansas City Royals, the Kansas City Chiefs, and participating in my fantasy football leagues (This year is the year!).

Certifications & Licenses:

  • Series 66 Securities License

  • Series 7 Securities License (inactive)

  • Masters in Finance - University of Missouri - Kansas City

  • BS in Business Management - Kansas State University

  • Financial Peace University Coordinator

More About Kyle

Why Hill-Top?

You may believe you lack the necessary resources to work with a financial advisor, or you may have had a bad experience with an advisor who did not have your best interests in mind.  You may feel confused about your options and unsure about the right steps to take as your personal finances become more complex and difficult to navigate. 


You do not just need a guide as you approach the top of the mountain, you need a guide from the start of your journey to help you find the best path and make adjustments along the way.  We are dedicated to our mission of serving younger clients and empowering them to grow financially confident and gain financial independence.


Hill-Top is an independent Fee-Only firm that operates as a fiduciary, meaning we place our clients’ interest above our own.   We help our clients meet their financial goals by focusing on the following overarching services:


·         Providing exceptional and unbiased financial plans

·         Creating and managing tax-efficient, low cost, and well diversified investment portfolios

·         Guiding clients through life events with common sense financial advice

What do HTFP clients look like?

You might be wondering what our typical client looks like


We don’t specialize in a certain profession and we don’t have a minimum asset requirement.  We will work with anyone who might be a good fit.


What makes a good fit? We have a shared mentality toward personal finance. 


We want to be debt free. We want to build wealth. We want to become financially independent.  At HTFP, we utilize Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps as the frame work for our financial planning process.  We do not require clients to be familiar with this program, but are upfront about our commitment to the basic principles of minimizing debt and maximizing wealth.  


What if I don't live in your state?    

Hill-Top is a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Missouri, but we Serve Clients Nationwide. Basically, you live in another state, we can still work with you.


Think we might be a good fit? Schedule a free Intro Call today. 

HTFP Clinets Look Like
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